Staff Benefits

Staff Benefits


We believe every role is a critical one at Camp Carl. Accordingly, our pay structure is simple:

  • First Year: $2,100
  • Second Year: $2,400
  • Third Year $2,700
  • Four or More Years: $3,000

All summer pay calculations include paid staff training weeks for a total of 11 or 12 weeks, based on your position. This summer pay structure is based on a day rate and assumes you don’t miss any days during the summer. You can take one week unpaid vacation.

Meals and Housing

All meals and housing are provided. All housing has been newly renovated and the food is delicious! Keep healthy with our salad bar, but enjoy a s'more every once in awhile!

Time Off

You get time off! All of our staff is off on weekends from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon (about 42 hours). Most staffers take this opportunity to head home to do laundry, run errands, go to church, REST or maybe catch a movie. For those out-of-town staff, you can stay on the property for the weekends or more commonly be invited home with one of our local staff members!

Sibling Discount

Not only would we love for your younger siblings to come to Camp Carl, they get to come for HALF OFF. Let's repeat that: your sibling can get a 50% discount for a week of camp! Bonus!


Community at Camp Carl is authentic, real, and life-changing. You live and serve arm-and-arm with generationally-minded and eternity-focused people who will LOVE sacrificially. The community that you will gain over the course of your time at Camp Carl will enrich your life, and you very well could meet the people that will stand next to you at your wedding day.

Professional Development

Internships and College Credit

College Credit

Working for Camp Carl while getting college credit? It can happen here! Many of our summer staffers receive college credit for working at Camp Carl.


Looking for an internship? We offer two Camp Internships at Camp Carl, Leadership Internship and Media Internship.

Leadership Internship

Our Leadership Interns will gain more than 700 hours of actual leadership experience each summer, all under the direct mentorship of Tom Sullivan, Camp Carl Director. Offered to returning staff only, leadership interns will be responsible for overseeing anywhere from 15-40 of their peers at camp. Through planning theme nights, activities, and camp programs our interns learn how to work with details and make large events happen for our campers. Throughout their summer, our interns learn hands-on lessons in problem solving, how to deal with conflict, and gain valuable experience with daily public speaking. By the end of their experience, our leadership interns walk away with tangible leadership skills and real life experience that set them apart as they prepare to launch into what career field God has called them to.

Media Internship

Media internships offer a deep dive into a specific area of media focus. This internship will lead our digital engagement team and enables digital content to reach thousands of people through social media and web platforms. This internship is ideal for digital marketing, communications, or media interns who love to teach others how to get better at photography or videography. Our digital engagement team has photographers, videographers, graphic designers, storytellers, and more who are solely focused on creating excellent content to share what God is doing at camp.

Skill Development

Camp Carl is a hands-on learning environment that not only provides deep spiritual growth, but invaluable life and job skills for any future career. In a summer at Camp, our staff gain more than 700 hours of on-the-job training in problem solving, work ethic, interpersonal communication, and vision casting. Through focused mentorship from the Camp Director, Unit Leaders, Internship Leaders, and their peers,  staff acquire tangible life experiences in leadership, self-discipline, and team dynamics. Sharpening skills and developing character, we prepare and equip our staff for whatever God has called them to next.

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